Recycling nylon waste and making bikinis out of them. Bringing to life a project entirely developed in Italy. A minimal design, able to enhance women’s body, but also circular raw materials. Respecting the world that surrounds us. Living a standard-free life, setting ourselves free from clichés. This is what moves us forward, this is what’s behind CRU LE Beachwear.

At CRU LE we think there’s more of a thrill in taking an unbeaten path.

Changing the rules of the fashion industry game, in order to make it more ethical and exciting, it’s only the first step towards a life free from stale standards.

SBP -(Sustainable Brand Platform)

has evaluated our traceability and transparencywith a high rank, after the examination of our certifications, inserted on a blockchain system. 

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  • FABRIC - Made with Econyl® regenerated nylon from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring,and industrial plastic
  • DESIGN - Quality doesn't rhyme with rush  
  • MADE IN ITALY - We are proud to rely on italian small businesses' know-how 
  • PACKAGING - certified sustainability



    We carefully select fabric and analyze its properties, in order to guarantee its best quality and sustainability.

    CRU LE swimwear is made with ECONYL®regenerated nylon, which has the same technical properties of nylon made from standard resources, but it actually derives from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic.

    Every single fabric we use is resistant and provides a UPF50+ protection from UV light.

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    We are proud of being a slow fashion brand:, this means that our collections are produced in limited amounts, monitored throughout the year. We don't want ethics and quality to be affected by the typical fast production pace of fashion.

    Our bikinis are made to last, so that you can wear them in the years to come. 


    Made in Italy

    Our production is entirely developed in Italy.
    The nylon waste is collected all over the world and regenerated in Slovenia thanks to the ECONYL® regeneration system. The production of our Beachwear items is entrusted to italian businesses located in the South of Italy.  



    From beginning to end, we think about what we can do to reduce everything to the minimum, to avoid waste of precious resources.  GRS(Global Recycled Standard)

    Pack - We choose Global Recycled Standard certified solutions also for our packaging and tags.

    - Every CRU LE bikini comes in a 120 grams natural cotton bag.GOTS - The labels are an organic cotton product, by Panama panama

    Tags -  Carta FAVINI _ Refit Cotton - The tags are made with FAVINI Paper _ Refit Cotton, which is made by 40% recycled, used cotton and 15% by cotton production leftovers. It is 100% made using self-produced hydroelectric energy. Certified:  FSC | EKOenergia | AzzeroCO2.

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    No profit organizations 

    We are in continuous search for new sustainable ways and solutions also by supporting no profit organizations. 


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    Every year in Italy 10.000 Caretta Caretta turtles  die due to accidental captures, plastic ingestion and nautical traffic.