“ It all began with a sense of astonishment: the one I felt when I saw grandma at work amongst all those colored buttons,

sparkling beads, fabric to touch...

A whirlwind of possibilities that made my imagination fly high, when I was a child.

 It made me imagine a whole world where beauty could be created and shown. 

But when I found out that what I loved so much causes damage to the environment and to people,

I decided to do my part to change that side of fashion industry to be less proud of.

This is howLetizia’s journey started: in 2020 she officially founds CRU LE, a fashion brand that puts first circularity and ethics for the creation ofhigh quality clothing, entirelyMade in Italy.  

A big change of route requires a team to rely on, though.More membershavejoined ourcrew, whose members today are Giulia G., Giulia V., Simma, Genny and Andrea.It is through constant and passionate teamwork that CRU LE Beachwear has come to life.


Pur Although we all have different backgrounds and interests -which is actually our strength-we are connected through a common goal, that put us together on the same ship: to transmitbeauty and creativity through our creations, in which we instill Maremma’s strong character and big heart. 


3Sailing from Tuscany’s shores, we have reached different destinations and accomplishments, both in Italy and internationally:

  • Altaroma 2019 - Showcase brand italiani emergenti. Roma Fashion Week, Palazzo Brancaccio
  • White Milano 2020 - Siamo stati selezionati come startup innovativa per abbigliamento sostenibile Made in Italy
  • -Sustainable 2020 - Abbiamo partecipato allo showroom digitale della Sustainable Brand Platform, progetto che prevede anche la valutazione di sostenibilità e trasparenza di chi vi prende parte.
  • Maker Fair Roma 2020 - Siamo intervenuti al panel: “UPCYCLING: a new business model”.