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CRU LE beachwear

Friendship | pendant

Friendship | pendant

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The strong and wonderful bonds that we form with some people are some of the most beautiful things we can have. They are the family we get to choose, the safe haven where you can be yourself: friends.


Customize your bikini!


I nostri gioielli sono realizzati a mano da Letizia Cruciani, galvanizzati in oro sostenibile.

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We choose Sustainability

We are curious about the world that surrounds us: for years we have observed the fashion industry: both its beautiful and dark side.

The latter is destroying the planet and the people working in this industry, that keeps going with its sick mindset.

Is it really necessary to proceed this fast? Just for the sake of profit; at the expense of the planet, its people, quality of goods and the artistic know-how that it takes to make them.

By choosing one of our bikinis instead of a traditional one You help us to change the world in a better place.